Free Grace Evangelistic Association
(MARK 16. 15, 2 TIMOTHY 2. 2, JAMES 1. 27) 
Registered Charity No. 1139084


FGEA in Africa

Free Grace Evangelistic Association branches in Southern and Central Africa

There are Associations currently in four countries in Southern/Central Africa, each with a Co-ordinator. Given the links between brethren in a number of the countries in this part of Africa, an umbrella association has been formed with Pastor Duwen Musaka (Zambian Co-ordinator) as Regional Director. At the present time there are branches in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Democratic Republic of Congo.  Brethren from other nations in the region may join as Associate Members. 
There are FGEA representatives in other African countries. The FGEA branch in Zimbabwe is actively working with brethren across the border in Mozambique, where a local committee has been formed. FGEA has contacts in other parts of Africa, where small grants of Bibles and books have been sent.

In many churches (especially in the rural areas) most people do not possess a Bible and have no means of obtaining one. Following the formation of branches in Zambia and Zimbabwe in 2010, an additional branch was formed in Eastern Congo in 2011, which is registered as "Association Libre Evangélique de Grâce" (ALEG) in the province of Sud Kivu of the Democratic Republic of Congo: the Co-ordinator is Pastor Fred Wakula (he lives in Bukavu, a city on the border with Rwanda). Then in 2012 a branch was formed and registered in Malawi with Pastor Elwyn Maliwa as Co-ordinator; Pastor Maliwa lives in Balaka in southern Malawi, and he is the translator of the books published by FGEA in the Chichewa language. The work of the FGEA has more recently extended to Katanga province of Dem Rep Congo, centred in the city of Lubumbashi, and to Kigali the capital of Rwanda.

FGEA has published books for free distribution in local languages (Shona, Bemba and Chichewa) as well as in English, Portuguese and French in a number of countries in southern and central Africa. These books may be downloaded by following the link to the Books webpage.

FGEA has also received generous grants of Bibles and books from various organisations for free distribution through the FGEA branches in Africa. The Gospel Standard Trust has provided over 2000 books; likewise the Trinitarian Bible Society, the Bible League and the Bible Spreading Union has provided generous assistance with grants of Bibles, books and booklets on Bible versions. The need however is vastly above what has been distributed so far. 

A significant part of FGEA funds has been directed towards building and running an orphanage at Fizi in Eastern Congo, followed more recently by the opening of a school next to the orphanage - more details can be found on the Orphans page.

Reports on visits by Dr Sadler or another representative of FGEA to Africa can be found on the News page along with 6 monthly updates on the work of FGEA. 
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