Free Grace Evangelistic Association
(MARK 16. 15, 2 TIMOTHY 2. 2, JAMES 1. 27) 
Registered Charity No. 1139084


Free Grace Evangelistic Association in Asia

FGEA has a branch in Andhra Pradesh state, India. The Co-ordinator is Pastor Veernapu SudhakarRao (he lives near Ponnur in Andhra Pradesh, near to the Bay of Bengal). 

Pastor SudhakarRao runs an orphanage, with his wife and three children, assisted by members of his church. FGEA is supporting the basic needs of about 55 orphan children (e.g. food, clothing, medicines and school uniforms/equipment). Although schooling (including a school meal) is provided freely by the state, no other official assistance is given. FGEA is therefore providing monthly grants to support the orphans. 

Pastor SudhakarRao and his wife provide instruction to the orphans in the scriptures and the Christian faith. In January 2013 Dr Sadler opened an extension to the orphanage funded by FGEA to alleviate overcrowding; this has significantly improved the conditions for the orphans. The FGEA branch is officially registered with the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Dr Sadler has visited India several times, the most recent visit being in January 2017. Further details can be found on the News page.

The photos below show Dr Sadler and Pastor SudhakarRao being welcomed at the official opening of the extension to the orphanage building in 2013 and the gathering inside of orphans, local church members and ministers.

Pastor SudhakarRao has translated the books "Love of God", "Jesus the Way", “Authority of God” and "Mystery Babylon the Great" into Telugu; as well as checking and correcting a translation of “Bible Doctrines Simply Explained”. These Telugu editions have been printed locally for distribution amongst the poor through FGEA funding. Pastor SudhakarRao has distributed large numbers of Telugu Bibles and New Testaments for distribution amongst local churches. 

In addition to the work in India, openings have arisen for book translation and publication for free distribution in the neighbouring country of Myanmar (Burma).  FGEA has also provided grants of Bibles in the Philippines (mostly English KJV but also some Ilocano scriptures) for free distribution in the Philippines through a pastor in the province of Bulacan. The distribution has been especially directed at pastors and church members from small churches who do not have the financial means to obtain a KJV Bible.

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