Free Grace Evangelistic Association
(MARK 16. 15, 2 TIMOTHY 2. 2, JAMES 1. 27) 
Registered Charity No. 1139084



The Free Grace Evangelistic Association was formed by God’s grace in 2010, arising through the foreign visits of the Chairman. By God’s grace very significant openings have arisen in Africa, India and Myanmar (Burma) for distribution of Bibles and sound spiritual literature. Despite many thousands of Bibles, New Testaments, Scripture Calendars, books and booklets distributed through FGEA , the unfunded openings for further distribution are still growing. An orphanage in India with 56 orphan children is also supported, and during 2012 the orphanage building was extended. Assistance is also given to 33 orphans in E Congo, and an orphanage building has been constructed, which was opened in August 2014. A school for very poor children in E Congo has also been built next to the orphanage.

Ministers in Africa and India, with whom Dr Sadler is working in the distribution of Bibles and books, have formed local FGEA associations in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Eastern Congo, Malawi and India to oversee and organise the distribution of funds and literature sent from the UK FGEA charity. There are FGEA representatives in other countries. The aim and remit of these associations are:

Mark 16:15, 1 Timothy 2:2, James 1:27


To send forth Bibles and Christian literature for the honour and glory of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, in obedience to the great commission (Mark 16. 15, 2 Timothy 2. 2), showing compassion to those in need (James 1. 27).


  • Free distribution of the Bible in English (1611 KJV only) and in other languages (best available versions).
  • Translation and printing of books (written or selected by the Chairman) for free distribution.
  • Free distribution of Christian literature from UK.
  • Supporting orphans (India and E Congo).

A Summary of what has been funded by FGEA in its 7th year (1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017) by God’s gracious hand

  • 4200 Bibles in various languages in Africa and India
  • 2900 New Testaments, Gospels and Scripture Calendars
  • 3400 Booklets in English, Telugu and French
  • 2600 Books in English, Telugu and French
  • Shipping – 150 kg of 2nd hand magazines
  • Regular monthly grants to provide the needs of orphans at the orphanages in India and E Congo. Grants to help towards schooling of orphans and local poor children in E Congo:- completion of a new school building
  • Local costs associated with travel, distribution and holding meetings in Africa and India.
  • Open meetings in UK.
  • 10800 Bibles, 2000 Gospels and 690 booklets/calendars – grants from Trinitarian bible Society (TBS) and Bible Spreading Union being distributed through FGEA funding. Other donated literature shipped through FGEA funds.

Pressing needs for which FGEA is seeking funding:


  • Orphanage – ongoing funds to pay for food, clothing, medicine.
  • Telugu Bibles and books.


  • English and Local Language Bibles + TBS booklets on Bible versions
  • Books in English – for printing in Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe
  • Books in French – for printing in Africa for use in Congo
  • Local language Books – printing of books across Africa
  • Orphanage & School – E Congo

We are thankful for what we have been enabled to do so far, but FGEA funds and income to date can currently meet only a small part of the above needs.

For further information or for making any donations please contact the Chairman (Dr Ian Sadler).

Sending of Donations

Donations may either be made on-line or by sending a cheque payable to “Free Grace Evangelistic Association” to the Chairman: 

Dr I A Sadler, 1 Payne Close, Chippenham, SN15 3FX, England. (e-mail:

FGEA is registered with the UK tax authorities (HMRC). Any UK taxpayer wishing to make a donation under Gift Aid should download the form and send the completed form with the donation.

Foreign bank cheques (above 50 USD equivalent) can also be accepted from donors living outside the UK.

Please contact view the DONATE page or contact the Chairman for further information about how to make one-off or regular donations to FGEA.

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