Free Grace Evangelistic Association
(MARK 16. 15, 2 TIMOTHY 2. 2, JAMES 1. 27) 
Registered Charity No. 1139084

More About FGEA

More about the FGEA Branches in Africa and India

For each of these overseas FGEA branches, Dr Sadler is the “International Director”, who specifies the Bibles and Christian literature for free distribution. The local ministers and brethren who make up the local FGEA branches are from a variety of denominations, but each has to sign their agreement to abide by the aim and remit summarised below;


To send forth Bibles and Christian literature for the honour and glory of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, in obedience to the great commission (Mark 16. 15, 2 Timothy 2. 2), showing compassion to those in need (James 1. 27). 

  • Free distribution of the Bible in English (1611 KJV only) and in other languages (best available versions).
  • Translation and printing of books (written or selected by the Chairman) for free distribution.
  • Free distribution of Christian literature sent from UK.
  • Supporting orphans (India and Eastern Congo) and other humanitarian assistance.
Members of the local FGEA branches must also sign that they are not seeking to join for worldly, monetary or personal gain, and that they will not sell any of the Bibles or books intended for free distribution. 

Each of the associations have Co-ordinators, who are long-standing contacts of Dr Sadler and who have faithfully distributed Bibles and books over a number of years.

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The Free Grace Evangelistic Association is a registered charity in the UK which seeks to fund the work of Bible and literature distribution, as well as provide help to those in great need, such as orphans.

Follow the links to learn more about the doctrinal basis of the UK charity, its organisation and how to become a subscribing member. Click Here
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